Is your technology hurting you?

How often do you pay attention to what technology devices are doing to your body? Few of us pay attention to our posture and body mechanics while we are using phones, tablets and computers. Most people hold devices low and have their shoulders rolled in and their heads forward and down creating a lot of stress on the muscles of the neck, top of shoulders and between the shoulder blades. Does pain in this area sound familiar? It is one of the most common complaints that I see. It is also one of the easiest to address in just a few sessions. Hands on work will help get you back in balance. I will also work with you on correcting how you sit and work; giving you simple tools to maintain the work done in the office and getting you out on your own as fast as possible.

Below is an excerpt of an article, Massage for Computer Athletes, published in the Spring 2015 Massage Therapy Journal. It helps explain some of the conditions I see and how I may work with you to address them.

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